Performance Lab Design & Establishment

Tailor made performance lab; from design to the installation; including x-raying the existing technical mechanisms in place. Integrating different departments into single management platform in order to efficiently & easily measure performance from senior through to youth & pilot teams and entire player squads

Senior Teams

  • Analysis of the existing systems of the technical departments within the team
  • Determination of the need for efficiency increase
  • Provide pathway plan for easily tracked meaningful to data
  • Establish effective ways of managing entire player squad in one interface
  • Design enhancing workflow for all technical departments
  • Easy monitoring of football players in all activities
  • Improve technical department communications from scouting through to video analysis & health & physical performance..

Youth Academies

  • Examination of the management chart of all player performance data
  • Forming easily traceable performance flactuation detection mechanism to all units of the academy teams’ technical staff
  • Combining players with tech squads into interactive analysis in order to win together
  • Easily managing daily analysis of all players from training to health
  • Structuring of the best player selection operation in both internal and external transfer


To set up a Performance Laboratory, to better observe the teams and players, to manage them easily, to increase the performance by analyzing the performance efficiently and easily


To produce players, to measure performance; to build and manage the systematization that will achieve sustainable success.


  • Systematically analyze and manage all departments of existing teams
  • Provide the best workflow in order to catch the best performance
  • Compliance of all technical units to complement each other
  • Arrival performance increase by examining the whole team or federation from a single platform