In the football industry, where millions of dollars of critical decisions are sometimes made in a very short time, an application has emerged that will help decision makers take the most correct steps. Comparisonator-Comparator platform has created a brand new concept for the global football world by taking days and days of player and team comparisons among millions of data in smart seconds and bring them to the users. More than 180 parameters of thousands of teams and players can be compared in less than 10 seconds. With the data of our partner Wyscout, the development continues in parallel with the team motto, which signed a completely different product.

For Turkish Super League only we recently developed a data forecast to take place in the international league game. Participating players predict the players and teams that will be in the top 3 in 10 different teams and 10 different footballers parameters, and according to the correctness of the answers they give, and accordingly, they enter the ranks weekly according to the amount of coins they collect through our initiative “Scout Coin”. 1-2-3. The players who have won the “Chief Scout” branded products in our initiative as weekly awards. 1-2-3 on the monthly list every 4 weeks. The players who will take the rank are entitled to visit the scouting departments of our enterprise “Comparisonator” and our partner “SoccerLab” in the international customer portfolio as well as the free participation in the “International Scouting Certificate Program” organized by .

Turkey Football Federation, TFF scope of our initiative which is accredited by coach development workshops have been developed to be positioned in various countries of the world again, starting from Turkey. The determination of the best participants will be included in the “Scout database” according to the grades to be taken from the exams to be made at the end of the “International Scouting Training Program” and the geographical location related to this, and the scout directions coming from abroad teams will be made accordingly.

Our initiative “Scout Coin”, located in the “block chain” structure in “scoutiNgame”, is another initiative designed to give our players the ability to shop virtually. The “Scout Coins” collected in the game will provide a discount for the “Scouting Scout International Scouting Certificate Program” and can be used for the purchase of our “Chief Scout” branded products. When our game gains an international identity, “Scout Coin” will be developed as a unit that will play a shopping role in the football industry.

This initiative, which will be used only in the reward system of the players who play the game “scoutiNgame”, is designed as a chain of products that can be obtained only by collecting “Scout Coin” when sufficient levels are reached. Each team will have an international identity that can be customized to its fans when it reaches distribution and adequate promotion between B2C and fans.